Transform Spaces with Custom Closets in Washington, MI

Custom wooden closet design

You’re leading a renovation, but you’re stuck searching for the perfect closet for your client. With so many options available, finding the ideal fit has been challenging, and it’s starting to feel disheartening. After all, you want to ensure your client’s satisfaction. 

No one should feel this way during any project. At The Premium Closets, we know this and are here to offer you a solution: our custom closets. This has helped dozens of builders bring their clients a unique storage solution. Get ready to become one of them by trusting our team.

Rely On Our Team for Storage Solutions

For over three years, we have built a variety of closets. Each of them was created with care and quality. Learn more below: 

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Great Materials, Durable Options

At our core, we’re all about using the absolute best materials. Why? Because they don’t just make our custom closets look amazing, they also ensure top-notch quality that lasts. 

Whether it’s our reach-in closet systems or others, we’re here to create a space your client will love for years!


Closets Tailored to Your Needs

Getting a closet that meets your client’s needs is necessary for you and us. So we understand their space, preferences, and lifestyle. Then, we work alongside you to create a solution that will perfectly fit their preferences.

Custom dark wood closet with shelves, drawers, and hanging space.
Dark wood walk-in closet with shelves, drawers, and hanging space.
Close-up of a custom dark wood closet drawer with a sleek metal handle.
Dark wood closet with shelves, cabinets, and TV

A Closet Renovation Starts Here

You can trust our awesome team to help you find the perfect custom closets. With their looks and functionality, you’ll impress your clients and get outstanding results.

Connect with our team via phone, email, or by completing our online form.

Let us know a convenient date and time for a free consultation.

We will help you bring your client’s dream closet to life. Yes, it is that simple! 

Elevate Your Projects with The Premium Closets

A poor-quality closet could lead to dissatisfied clients. So, trust the team of The Premium Closets in Washington, MI, to help you get the right one. We will use quality materials and techniques to provide the custom space you need. 

So, why wait any longer? Take action today and contact us to get a storage solution for your client. This way, you can finish your renovation project in a great way! 

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